“There will be joy and songs of thanksgiving,

and I will multiply my people, not diminish them…

You will be my people, and I will be your God.”

Jeremiah 30:19a, 22

A wise Christian once told me, “Pastor, what I am certain of is that everything we have is a gift from God.  I believe that we dishonor God every time we get too busy to remember the Gift of Him and those of His mercies.”  He was referring to the truth he’d come to realize after rushing through every one of his given days, following a troubling diagnosis almost a year before.  “No amount of busyness has been able to completely distract me from the struggles of this past year.  So, I promised God I’d honor Him by thankfully living every moment He grants me.”

God is, indeed, the world’s Christmas Gift!  And every “good” thing in our hearts, minds, and lives are our Savior’s entrusted blessings.  And God desires that we use all we’ve been granted for the betterment of our lives and, whenever possible, the lives of others.  When our stresses and anxieties, our confusions, doubts, and fears begin to spin out of control, what you and I can choose – what we must choose – to believe is that in every moment of our living, the One whose love and power are always with us.

As we struggle with the weight of our emotional and/or physical burdens it’s so easy to lose sight of the paths that will surely lead us from the wilderness…the paths that our Savior mercifully provides for us.  What I am certain of is that our lives are seasoned with the good and the bad, the blissful and the unbearable.  And I am also certain that every burden pulling and weighing us down, or immobilizing us, or preventing us from being, living and loving well becomes lighter when we trustingly take our burdens and ourselves to Christ Jesus.  Drawing close to the One who is ever-seeking to save us, then placing ourselves and the details of our lives into God’s ever-trustworthy always works to restore and renew us.

As we remember and anticipate the coming of Christ into the world and into our hearts, what has God taught you?  What do you know for sure about the love and might of your Savior?  Today, He may be calling you to truly honor  Him by letting Him have your heart and your life.   Christ’s call is to the thankful living of every granted moment to the full.  What a wondrous gift!  Thanks be to God!


May your Christmas be blessed!