In the comedy movie, “The Blues Brothers,” Jake and Elwood Blues believe they have a divine mission to save their former Catholic school from closing and they end up in all sorts of adventures as they try to accomplish that mission. Whether reassembling their former band or looking for a place to hold their benefit concert, they explain their actions with “We’re on a mission from God.”

So what about us?

Are we on a mission from God?

What does God want us to be and to do?

These are important questions to ask both individually and as a church.  As First United Methodist Church of Oak Lawn, we are here not just because our charter members came together and built a beautiful building in the late 1950’s.  We don’t exist merely to offer a feel-good worship experience each week.  We aren’t here primarily to socialize with friends. We are called to a specific task, a divine mission:  To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Every activity, every dollar given and spent, every hour of service, every book study or Sunday school class should be focused on fulfilling that mission from God.  Whenever we decide whether to start a new program or continue a long-time tradition we should ask, “Will this help us make disciples of Jesus Christ?”

The leaders of our church recognize that we need creativity and resourcefulness to accomplish our mission. As the culture around us is changing, we have to try innovative and new approaches to connecting people with the message of God’s love and grace.  We believe that includes a need to offer a new worship experience; it means reaching out to our neighborhood; and it requires participating in regular service projects that help others.

We also know that, like the Blues Brothers, accomplishing the mission means raising money.  We don’t have a rocking blues band to make that happen, but we have creative and gifted members and constituents that can help us develop new fundraising possibilities.  In addition to our annual Pumpkin Patch and the giving of our tithes and offerings, what ideas do you have for helping us find the resources to accomplish the mission God gave us?  Please consider offering some suggestions to me or members of our Church Council (Linda Prohaska, Marty Linderborg, Harry Wyma, Mike Cole, John Miguel/Janet Swanson, Shellie Cholke).

We’re on a Mission from God and we need your help! We look forward to hearing your ideas.

Pastor Jon