I never thought a pumpkin could be a means of transportation until I saw the movie Cinderella.

You know the story: Cinderella was left behind by her wicked step-mother and step-sisters.  She didn’t have a way to get to the ball.  Fortunately, her Fairy Godmother magically created a way by turning a pumpkin into a golden carriage and friendly mice into the horses and coachmen.  Problem solved…and a grand new adventure began for Cinderella as she made her fashionably late entrance to the ball!

Ah…fairy tales.  If only we had the power to turn pumpkins into carriages imagine the places we might go!

But what if we do have that power and just haven’t realized it? We don’t have a Fairy Godmother, but we have One who is even more amazing who can turn a yard-full of pumpkins into something far more valuable than coaches.

In just a few more weeks a semi-truckload of pumpkins will arrive for our annual Pumpkin Patch.  Many church members and community volunteers will come together to unload the truck and set out the pumpkins for sale.  Our members and friends will sit in a chilly tent and sell the pumpkins to individuals and families from around the area.

So where’s the magic?

The magic happens when we gather around the pumpkins before the sales begin and pray for the people who will be receiving them to be blessed and to know the love of God in this season.

The magic happens when conversations happen.  People who have never been to the church are greeted with a friendly welcome.  Children have an opportunity to have some fun on a mini-hayride or get their picture taken with a straw-man.  And a new relationship begins between our church and our community members.

The magic happens when some of the funds raised by the Pumpkin Patch are used to support poor Native American families that help grow them back in Arkansas.

The magic grows as a portion of the funds stay with our church:

  • to support our Christian Education programs for children, youth and adults;
  • to support our inspiring worship services;
  • to assist with dynamic programs like Friendship Fridays;
  • and to keep our building ready for hosting community groups that make people’s lives better: AA, NA, AlAnon, Scouts, and exercise groups (Fit Your World, Jazzercise).

The Pumpkin Patch is way more than just a fund-raiser.  It’s God’s way of turning pumpkins into Golden Carriages in our very midst!  Come join in the magic this month!

Pastor Jon