Gift from God

It’s time to do a new thing!

It’s time to share our experience of Christ’s amazing presence with our neighbors and coworkers and friends.

It’s time to reproduce the joy and blessing we receive from our times of worship.

As a Church, we have a great blessing to offer to those around us:

The opportunity to connect with the Creator of the Universe!

The chance to be part of a community of love and compassion!

While we enjoy our present Sunday morning worship service experience, we know there are lot of people who haven’t been able to relate to what we do each Sunday.  Mostly the people we are missing are young people — young adults and young families.  Occasionally we have visitors that fit into this category, but seldom do they return.

I believe the answer is stop trying to make square pegs fit into round holes.  We need to open up a new time, a new space, a new experience that is made for them.

We won’t stop doing what we do well on Sunday mornings.

But we will begin a new thing.

We will learn to re-produce:  Remember how exciting it was to hold your newborn child or grandchild in your arms?  What a joy to know that this creature was part of you but also a separate being with incredible value and potential!

What exactly our new church offspring will look like, only God knows!

We will try some experiments.  Some will work and some will fail.

But God loves the people around us too much for us to do nothing.

Are you ready for an amazing adventure in re-production?

If you would like to be part of the team that will put together this exciting new worship experience, please contact me.  God is preparing us for a great blessing!