fully alive

It might be when you’re standing at the top of a mountain peak looking over God’s amazing Creation.
It may happen when you finish running your first marathon. It might be when you hold your first child in your arms.
It’s those moments when you feel most fully alive! When does that happen for you?

I feel most full of life when I am blessing others and helping to meet their needs — whether physical, spiritual or emotional.
As followers of Jesus, we read in the Bible that Christ came that we might have life and have it to the fullest
(John 10:10). In other words, when we live with Christ working in us and through us we experience abun-
dant life.
At the recent “Spring Into Summer” Vendor Fair sponsored by the Oak Lawn Chamber of Commerce, our
church set up a table so that we could have the opportunity to bless individuals and families that passed by.
We gave out bottles of cold water with bible verses that said, “For God satisfies the thirsty!” (Psalm 107:9)
And we passed out smiles in the form of the wonderful face painting skills of Karen Schuld who tirelessly
painted face after little face with beautiful pictures of cats, dogs, cheetahs, zebras and more.
What a thrill to see how the faces of the little ones lit up as they looked at their faces in the mirror! What a
joy to see how people baking in the heat and humidity drank up the bottles of cold water we offered.
It was an experience of being fully alive!
If you too want to have that kind of experience, join us as we reach out to others to bless and serve them. For
example, on August 2, we will be traveling to Washington, IL, to continue the rebuilding and clean up in this
community devastated by a tornado last fall. (Sign up by calling the Church Office).
Or join us as we bring smiles to the youth of Friendship Fridays starting in September.
Or work with the Outreach Team to provide monthly meals to the homeless at the Southwest Chicago PADS
Let’s live life to the fullest by loving and blessing all God’s children! It’s what we were made for!

Pastor Jon