It is the vision of First United Methodist Church of Oak Lawn to “Come together; Grow Together; Serve Together”

Come together:

  • We will engage in joyful worship that glorifies God, touches our hearts with His presence, and stimulates the desire to know him, enjoying the traditions of our Methodist heritage and praising God in new and meaningful ways.
  • We will eagerly hear the Biblical truth of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ proclaimed to teach, challenge, and assure the believer, and to reach and comfort the seeker.
  • We will pray in supportive groups and as a community, placing our trust in God and encouraging those who are hurting or in need.

Grow together:

  • We will offer a wide variety of Christian education opportunities so that our children, youth, and adults grow strong in their Christian faith and become mature disciples equipped for ministry in the church, the Oak Lawn area, and the world.
  • We will develop small groups as resources for fellowship, accountability, and spiritual growth to maturity.
  • We will celebrate God’s blessings through fellowship events that build relationships, strengthen families, and revitalize our Christian community.

Serve together:

  • We will be a prophetic voice for justice and compassion for all people as children of God.
  • We will provide hospitality to groups, events, and programs that build mind, body, and spirit, and make the church known to the people of the Oak Lawn area.
  • We will reach out and share our lives and our resources to meet the physical needs of our neighbors and the world, and to encourage all people to come to know Jesus Christ as Lord, savior and friend.