To accomplish our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, we have to be focused on the activities that will bear fruit and make a real difference in people’s lives.  Here are four key initiatives that I believe God is calling our church to develop in 2015.  As we look back a year from now, we will say, “Wow! Look what God has done through us!”

Outreach:  Neighborhood Families

OL Neighborhood Sml

Take a walk or a drive around the neighborhood surrounding our church.  Just a few blocks southwest of the church is a densely populated community of apartments and condos teeming with families of all ages.  At nearby Memorial Park, children and youth by the dozens play on the rocket slide, swing on the swingset, fish in the fishpond, or challenge each other to a game of basketball.

How can we as a church connect to these people?  What do we have to offer?  Can we take the love of Christ to them rather than waiting for them to come to us?  What if we held some kids activities in the park?  What about holding a worship service there?  What other ideas do you have?

 Worship: A New Thing!

PraiseBand sml

We have wonderful, traditional worship on Sunday mornings. We don’t have many youth and young adults who attend.  To reach the current generation, we need a different approach to appeal to their interactive and technological life experience, their musical tastes, and their schedules.  We need a worship experience that meets young people where they are at rather than asking them to conform to our present practice.  What if we complement our current traditional worship by launching a new thing – a worship time designed for the coming years?

Recovery:  Community Healing

 Celebrate Recovery SmlAll of us have hurts, habits and hang-ups that haunt us.  We all struggle with issues that can affect the joy and health of our relationships with God, with family, with neighbors and with ourselves.  With sacrificial love and amazing grace, Jesus came to bring forgiveness, healing and wholeness to each of us.  We can find that new health in our community of faith through proven Christ-centered teaching and support groups.  Who do you know (you and me?) that needs to experience recovery?

Mission: Meeting Needs

 Washington SmlA struggling economy, natural and man-made disasters, health difficulties, poor choices…there are many reasons for poverty and need in our community, nation and world.  Our church is an outpost of compassion sent by God to be a blessing to our neighbors near and far.  Each quarter in 2015 we want to target a specific need and send out teams to meet that need.  What do you see going on with families you know?  What have you heard on the news that we can help with?  Share your ideas so we can minister together!


Pray and Respond:  What resonates in your heart and soul? Take some time to pray for each of these church initiatives.

  • Pray that God would give clarity about the details that will make these succeed in reaching new people.
  • Pray about what God may be calling you to contribute in time, talent and resources to make these happen.

Download a Prayer Sheet : 2015 Initiatives Prayer Sheet